Sweaty arm pits

The 10 best tips against sweat patches

1. Let it go! Stress causes excessive sweating

Perhaps one of the best tips against sweat patches, avoid stress! Not only is this bad for your health, but it also causes excessive sweating.

So above all, don't stress yourself out if it is not strictly necessary. When our body experiences stress, it increases our heart rate and the production of adrenaline. This causes you to sweat faster and you will therefore experience wet armpits sooner. So no stress!


2. Fibershirts? Fibershirts? Prevent and hide sweat patches!

Do those annoying sweat patches make you feel less confident? Not anymore! If you suffer from wet spots under your armpits then it is always wise to opt for Fibershirts. Available for both men and women.

In fact, fibershirts have sewn-in armpit pads that provide guaranteed protection against sweat patches.

The special underarm pads consist of 3 layers, of which the middle layer is made of a waterproof material. Feeling good about yourself again? Choose Fibershirts!

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3. Caffeine junk? Drink less coffee to prevent sweat spots

It's nice to have a cup of comfort, but how many cups of coffee do you drink a day? Caffeine can promote sweat production quite a bit. Why? Caffeine increases our heart rate which makes our body feel that something must be done.

Our body temperature rises and ther it is! In no time, the wet spots under your armpits are visible. So if you want to stay nice and dry, it's best to keep your coffee intake down a notch. Decaffeinated coffee, on the other hand, works well against sweat spots.



4. Ensure optimal fitness to combat excessive sweating

How is your condition? Are you already out of breath when you have to walk the dog? Then it's time to get some exercise! A good condition ensures a lower resting heart rate.

That's handy, because you'll notice that your T-shirt stays a lot drier when you're not working out. A good condition helps to prevent sweat patches and keeps you fit.


5. Preventing sweat patches and sweat odor? Shave armpits!

If you are very attached to the cheerful tuft of hair under your armpits, you may be more prone to developing foul odors.

This is because armpit sweat can settle for a long time and, over time, cause the smell of sweat. Want to avoid unpleasant odors? Then make sure your armpits are fresh and smooth by shaving them regularly.

6. Hiding sweat patches with pads

It may sound a little strange, but armpit pads are a quick solution if you want to hide sweat patches under your armpits. Of course, this does not solve the perspiration problem, but it does hide your sweaty armpits in a quick way.

At least you won't have to deal with sloshing underarms in your T-shirt. There are also T-shirts with underarm pads already sewn in. These anti-sweat shirts from Fibershirts are really ideal! If you find normal armpit pads inconvenient and don't feel like buying new ones every time, Fibershirts offer a very nice solution.

7. Deodorant or antiperspirant? Which helps best against sweat patches?

Of course, these two variants were created for a reason. If you want to prevent or hide sweat patches, it is advisable to use an antiperspirant instead of a deodorant.

Whereas a deo is more effective for masking armpit odors, an antiperspirant helps you reduce the production of sweat. And yes, so in doing so, you also automatically prevent unpleasant odors.

8. Good hygiene? Soap-free wash emulsion to prevent sweaty armpits

Of course you take a daily shower for granted, but how clean are your armpits really? By cleaning your armpits properly with a soap-free shower gel or wash emulsion, you make sure that you properly remove all your skin bacteria under your armpits.

After all, old sweat contains the strongest odor. So good body hygiene is important to prevent sweat patches and unpleasant odors.

9. Putting on the same shirt twice? An absolute no-go!

If you suffer from annoying sweat patches and odors, of course you would prefer to prevent them. This is why it is important to change your clothes every day. Even if in the morning you think you can wear that one nice shirt for one more day, you will inevitably regret it as soon as you start smelling funny odors in the afternoon.

Extra tip, add a dash of vinegar in the washing machine to remove old sweat stains and odors from your clothes.

10. Spicy food means more sweating

Hot spices such as cayenne pepper and cajun spices significantly promote sweating. Vegetables such as onion, leek and garlic also contribute to excessive sweating.

An unpleasant side effect is also that this sweat has a more intense odor than our normal body sweat. Want to avoid nasty sweat odors? Then think twice before blindly sinking your teeth into a shoarma sandwich or spicy burger.


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