A new technology, a Dutch entrepreneur, a textile factory in Austria, 27 litres of sweat and over 2,000 hours of hard work. The result? Fibershirts.

We know what it is like to suffer from excessive sweating. Since the start of our journey, we have tested more than 20 different solutions for sweat stains. Many of these are chemical and harmful such as aluminium deodorants, or intensive operations such as ETS.

That is why we have spent eighteen months developing Fibershirts. The only natural solution with a 100% guarantee protection from sweat stains.

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Our greatest motivation is restoring your self-confidence. We do this by developing products that really work, but are also 100% natural.

In addition, we think it’s important that the production of our clothing is sustainable, durable, and good for our planet.


Our clothing is made of MicroModal®. This material is CO2 neutral and 100% natural. It takes up less land than normal cotton and the production requires up to 20 times less water.

The MicroModal® production process is also ecological. Beech wood is used to produce the cellulose fibers. These fibers come from sustainable beech farms in Austria and they are completely biodegradable.

MicroModal® has the EU Ecolabel, FSC, and PEFC certificates.

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SILVADUR™ Technology

No stinky sweat odour thanks to the SILVADUR™ technology incorporated into the material. This environmentally friendly silver treatment kills 99.9% of all bacteria.

By fighting bacteria, it prevents unpleasant odours and the discolouration of the material. Bacteria can also greatly shorten the lifespan of clothing, leading to premature replacement.

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Armpit pads PRO®

The armpit pads consist of three different layers. The middle layer is made of a unique water-resistant material.

The outer layers feel silky soft and are comfortable against the skin.

This guarantees the shirt is protected against sweat stains.

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Boost your confidence

Do you want to feel comfortable at all times? Do you want to experience a liberated and carefree feeling? Too bad those sweat spots under your armpits are always holding you back.

We felt exactly the same. That is why we developed this new sweat proof T-shirt with sewn-in armpit pads.

Fibershirts. Here to help you.

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